Dual Bag Organizer
Kangaroo Organizer
Multi Purpose Organizer/Travel Organizer

Hanging Handbag Organizer
Underwear Organizer
Shoes Organizer

Gadget Organizer
Monopoly Bag
Plastic Utility Box

Clip Lens

Come up with a perfect picture with this trendy 3 in one Clip Lens

Universal Clip Lens


The demand for powerbanks increases as rotating brownouts is becoming a nightmare to everyone. As such, we've researched some the best brands of powerbanks to sustain your needs. Our powerbanks did not come directly from the real manufacturer. We just bought it from our trusted suppliers. But we give out a one week replacement warranty for our customers provided that stickers are not tampered and removed.

Xiaomi Powerbank
Sony Powerbank

No Checks Please, Strictly Cash

Paper Bits School and Office Supplies is just a neophyte in the market. As such, we DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS for now. We prefer to be paid in Cash. Payment is done before we will deliver your stocks. You may deposit your payment in any of our Bank Accounts (given upon request) or in any leading financial institution such as LBC, MLhuillier, Cebuana Lhuillier, Palawan Panwshop, RD Pawnshop and other reliable institutions.
Our No Checks Please , Strictly Cash Policy effects immediately. Paper Bits is hoping that you will understand. Rest assured that even having this policy the products and services will not be affected.
Still we are after of the quality that we can deliver.

No Checks Please, Strictly Cash

Beware of Some Super Cheap School Supplies

June is coming!Children are excited to buy new school supplies. But parents should be extra careful on buying bags, notebooks and other school supplies. Be extra vigilant because there are lots of products now that contains high dose of mercury and lead which can affect the health condition of your child. Yes, you can save but how about the health of your child? Check more of this here.

Paper Bits

Paper Bits Enterprises is all about your needs! We sell school supplies, office supplies and everything that we can provide at a very reasonable price! Browse, choose and decide!
We are just starting and thus we are still encouraging you to tell us your needs so the next time you ask from us we already have it. Don't hesitate to try us because we will never be like other people who will just scam and fool you. We always believed in Karma and thus we do business faithfully and sincerely.